Blue Revolution

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Sound interesting na…. wondering what is it? It’s nothing but Under water creature exhibition.


I love exhibition very much, especially if it is paintings, fabric, flowers, and now the new one is added to my list is Blue water world. Confused ….? Yes, we have an exhibition of blue water world where we saw a beautiful water creature that you see only on Television or in G. K. books. When I got the message on What’s up that there is the Fish Exhibition in Dombivli. I was excited like a small kid and insisting hubby that we will visit the place.

With my Doll

Fish Exhibition was at Dombivli, organised by Utekar Fisheries Pvt. Ltd and Drishti Media AQUA Dombivli.

I was continuously telling my kid…that there would be variety of fish. Whatever we read in her G. K. book we will see every creature there. I cannot explain in word how we feel after visiting the place.  I will be sharing some glimpse of the exhibition.

Letss goooo….








Look like a painting

Glass fish, the whole body is like a glass , you can see only the middle spine of the fish which is in black colour.





Cluster of orange fish



Beautiful fish tank with colourful fishes


see the beauty

And finally we bought a small fish tank at our home with a pair of small fish.

Fish Tank

Do you love it ?

Have you visited any exhibition? Please comment in the comment section would love to hear it.


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Holy place of Sai Baba

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This is my first post of 2018. The goal for this year is to focus on my blog, write more productive content and stay fit and healthy. With this positive note, I would like to share one holy place nearby Badlapur. Many time Mr. hubby’s friend told him about this temple and so we planned to do the visit on Makarsankranti. This is first day out of 2018 and we are so lucky that the day was of Sai Bhandara.  It means have a small meal with praying of Sri Sai Baba. Everyone is invited for the meal. We also saw the Palkhai. This is first time I saw the Palkahi in the temple and what the devotee do with the palkhi.



I am not a devoted person, even not that kind of housewife who starts her day by doing pooja on daily basis. But yes we do believe in Sai Baba and try to visit once in a year at Shirdi. Today I am sharing a small real story of this temple, which is located at Bhivapuri next to Badlapur. We all know Shridi the holy place of Sai Baba. However, this real temple is built in 1916 when Sri Shirdi Sai Baba was still in his physical body.  The founder of the temple, the late Sri Keshav Ramachandra Pradhan was initially an atheist. He constructs the temple with the instruction of Sri Sai Baba.

I am not going to tell the whole story but the little bit of summary.  Mr. Pradhan went with his friend at Shridi but refused to enter in the mosque. When he heard the noon aarti he was enchanted by the sound and unknowingly started walking to the mosque. He reached the mosque and sat in a corner. He was immersed in a state of bliss as he was unaware of everything but . Shri Sai Baba then called Mr. Pradhan and asked for Dakishna. He took out the entire cash from his pocket and put in Sai Baba’s hand.

After frequent visit of him in 1916, Sai Baba gave him Statue and asked him to build a temple at Bhivapuri, place this statue and worship there. You need not come to Shirdi any more. Pradhan returned to Bhivpuri but did not follow Sai Baba’s instruction.  When he next came to Shirdi, Baba said, “ When I have come to your house, why have you come here? Bhivpuri is your shirdi. Go there and do as I told you.

Few days later Mr. Pradhan built a temple.

baba entry

Entrance of the temple

peak of the temple

Peak of the temple near Mr. Pradhan’s house.

At this place Sai Baba gave darshan to Mr.  Pradhan and his family at this vrindavan in 1916 around 3.00 a.m.


Picture taken from ShridiSaiBaba temple org.

Staute that was given to Mr. Pradhan


Mr. Pradhan passed away and a devotee called Naryan Purohit started the formal reading of Sai Baba’s life. On fourth day, Baba came to him in a dream and said, “Where is my dhuni? How can my temple complete without a dhuni?” Purohit dreamed twice and informed Gupte (the person who running temple). Then they build a dhuni as per instruction of Sai Baba.

Here is the Dhuni


Shri Valvalkar grandson of author of Sri Sai Charitra first lit the dhuni on Ramnavami. Sai Baba’s Samadhi and Ramnavami this both festivals are celebrated here with great fervor and glory.


Palakhi was also carried on this day from all the way to Badlapur temple and take blessing from Sai Baba and returned back.


Our small family

We are very happy by visiting this historic place where real Sri Sai Baba stay.

How to reach:

By railway- catch khopoli or karjat train and get down at Bhivpuri.

10 minute walking distance from the Bhivpuri station.

Om Sai Ram

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Have you visit Shirdi or this temple, please share in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: The above information is collected from the book they provided.  (Sri Sai Leela Magazine)


Sunrise @ Kanyakumari

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My baby girl turning a big girl so fast that I always said her to stop growing but she is not listening.  It was really a busy month for my family, and me so I was not able to blog for the month. I had tons of memory in my treasury bag and would like to share with you one by one. Memory Flies itself said it’s all about memory which I want to hold up and frame it. Without wasting too much time lets begin with today’s post, “Sunrise at Kanyakumari”.

Kanyakumari is one of the most beautiful places that everyone should visit and feel it. Yes, you have to feel it, the breathtaking sight, sunrise and sunset at kanyakumari beach, Vivekananda Memorial Rock and Kanyakumari Temple. Every point has its own story.


Photo0239 - Copy

Isn’t it looking like a painting? This is the Vivekananda Memorial Rock.


The giant one is Thiruvallur Statue. This is also known as “Thriveni Sangam”- the meeting point of three oceans.



I tried to capture pic and hope you will able to see the different colors of water of three oceans.

The most beautiful and unique feature of this place is Sunrise and Sunset which attract the tourist to Kanyakumari. A lot of tourist assembles at seashore to welcome the sun. In my whole life I had never ever wait for sun to rise but at Kanyakumari I did that. It was one of the most awaiting and breathtaking sight.

It was around 5.00 a.m. our hotel manger rang the bell and told us to go at seashore as soon as possible to catch up the place due to the crowd. Other friends went to seashore but due to small kids, we prefer to be at hotel terrace.  Our hotel is right in front of the sea from which we have a very beautiful sight. We rushed up at terrace around 5.30 a.m. and waiting to welcome the sun.The Vivekananda Memorial Rock and the Giant statue of Thirrulvleor look like this in the morning.

Let’s have a look at the picture

Photo0223 - Copy

It’s about 5.30 a.m., sun is about to come to see us.
I was so touched by the sight and without blinking my eyes eagerly waiting for sun..!


It was so calm and beautiful atmosphere. I think Sun was wake up and ready to rise to say good morning to all.



6. a.m. See the yellow and golden colour of the sky, it’s like Sun had painted the sky with his color.



6.20 a.m. And here is HE !!! How beautiful ……!!!

Shankhanad is about to begin. Its accurate 6.20 a.m. as soon as the sun came Shankhanad was start until the whole sun came out of his house…, it look like sun is coming from the ocean. And bells are ringing continuously. It was really a holy atmosphere where I saw the real worship of SUN.


I was trying to hold the sun in my hand…haaaaa!!!


Moreover, it is about 6.20 a.m. the whole kanyakumari awake and soon it look like a noon. I was feeling the hot sunrays. It was thrilling experience in my life. I never saw such Sun’s beauty.